State Testing Standards

  • Has your state changed the testing standards for its licensing applicants?
  • Have this been done without informing the people who it will directly affect?
  • Why would the testing standards be lowered as it has been for many licenses in many states?
  • Are our own elected officials working against its citizens?
  • Are citizens lives being consumed with thousands of small problems because the lesser trained applicants were allowed at our doorsteps with a license?

One of many states whom desecrated testing standards due to their own applicants inability to pass the National standard block exams is Tennessee. Tennessee rewrote therefore replaced original block exam testing standards in 1980’s due to candidates unable to pass. This standardized test had been in place prior to that point for 20+years. This new lower test standard injected unqualified electrical contractors in general public operating as a business. Also competing beside the qualified guys whom had to earn their way passing the original block exam before becoming a licenses contractor. This left the public in the cross-hairs of many unqualified people with a license. This is the number one disgraced state who subjected its citizens to shark type business practices. Now the public is dealing with very low quality electrical work. And it has forced many fully trained electricians to leave the state. This lower standard filled the court rooms with angry citizens against contractors in Tennessee. Would you feel safe if you lived in a state that lowered its contractors testing standards and never informed its citizens?

Comment below and list how corrupt your state has become! Let us know the states who created shortcuts allowing lesser trained individuals to work in your family home around your family.

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