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If you are stumped on residential wiring I can help. If you Installing a new light fixture at home or updating an electrical device at work is no problem.

We have been building electrical systems for over 25 years. Solving problems relating to electrical construction wiring and electromechanical systems is our experience. Gained the trust of many and continue to gain positive feedback.  

The electrical wiring advice on this website is free and paid. Free answers are available on our free portion, register to get access. We offer one-on-one advice for a fee. All questions need to be related to your home wiring. Small fee will get you help with some simple troubleshooting advice. The more complicated troubleshooting issues contact hereโšก may require paying in advance for a larger block of time. Lastly if you have 3 or more hours of needed time I suggest calling a licensed electrician but I will give all the advice required to help.

For residential wiring, we can help with sizing fuse box feeders, branch circuit sizing, grounding, kitchen wiring, GFCI, ARC-FAULT breakers, bathroom wiring, AFCI devices, installation techniques, orderly troubleshooting, low/high voltage, hard-wired control systems, smart systems, fire control systems, industrial controls, mechanical controls, new breaker panel installs, remodels, home generator replacement/installs, complete commercial building wiring installations, etc. Get all the critical advice you need from a retired Master Electrician.

Today our economy has forced contractors to choose certain types of projects. This is due to a lack of skilled workers. For example, these contractors may choose to install new building wiring, bidding no remodels. This is some of the most needed kind of work for businesses and homeowners. But if you need remodel type bids some contractors may do this to fill in labor schedules.  

Things you might need prior to start of job,

  • Have disciplined supervisors.
  • Determines profit and possible loss.
  • Have electrician with proper skillsets.
  • good field drawings.

Things to try to make sure prior to job start

  • Labor skill set strengths and weaknesses make or break labor columns.
  • Discipline mindsets with proper paperwork skills can make or break.
  • Have knowledgeable estimators to keep the labor cost in check
  • At every completed section of job, check finances

There are many more types of electrical skill sets:

  • replacing old incandescent fixtures w/LED bulbs
  • lighting landscape designs
  • volume price estimator
  • power load balancing skill sets for existing electrical services
  • green energy array design/installation
  • Installing power generator sets
          Some basic helpful planning tips
  1. Carefully plan for your installation and if drawings are required use up to date city approved drawings with a city stamp.
  2. Plan your electrical lay out by measuring wire lengths before making any copper wire purchases. This will help you with any mistakes on the cost of copper wire.
  3. Managing material and labor cost daily during entire scope of project
  4. Safety – Keep your children  and pets away from all live wiring and non- live circuits. While you have ceiling, walls  and electrical boxes open, put 6 mil (a mil is one thousandths of an inch) plastic over doorways using nail strips. Keep all rooms closed off until you are sure you are finished and all boxes are closed.

Be safe and keep others safe!

  • Challenge yourself!

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