How to install Basement Lighting circuit


There is really not much to say about how to physically pull romex, but there is much to say about where to lay and support romex. Pulling is easy but knowing where to lay it could be a very big problem. If not laid in a way it will not be damaged serious consequences may occur in future.ย  This is one of the reasons why inspectors need to inspect rough-in’s. And this is one reason why so many residential fires happen today.

You do need the correct type of romex and the tools to do the job. 20 amp single-phase residential circuits are #12/2 type and 15 amp use 14/2 type, 20 amp romex is now marked by the outside sheathing marked yellow and the rest is white and black. Pulling romex takes completely different experience level than understanding how to size the circuit so that the correct breaker is chosen.

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