Save Time & Money By Hiring Local Licensed Master Electrician

Hiring a Professional Master electrician can be expensive and is often the reason people try doing their own electric wiring themselves.ย I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly results of these efforts. Small home circuits repairs and routing are the most a person should attempt without some help from licensed individual.

It is so important to know before attempting DIY electrical wiring projects, people be made aware of how dangerous electricity is and how important safety is for you, your family and your family home.ย 99 percent of the time, I recommend to customers hire a licensed master electrician instead of doing there own electrical wiring. Safety is more important than paying intimidating invoices. To the ones committed to doing their own wiring without training, you may increase the risk of harming your family without even knowing it, think about that!

Here is an example of how much time a person may have to commit getting properly trained. Starts by having to earn the opportunity to work with a well-educated licensed journeyman electrician. If you get that opportunity, is most likely cost you dearly carrying out as helper. Most anyone giving opportunity in electrical field are required to work 2 years minimum before given opportunity to test for seat. Union Electrical schools are most standardized Industrial electrical construction schools in North America. Once accepted as indentured apprentice you are allowed to demonstrate your abilities daily for a few years, then test again for entrance into their five year private industrial electrical school. (9 months a year, class twice a week) while under the immediate direction of a licensed Journeyman electrician everyday at work. You are tested twice, once as helper to work with journeyman electrician and again to get into their apprenticeship schools. The teachers are usually Journeyman/Electrical Engineers that have went through some college and this trade school. The teachers usually work at surrounding Industrial plants as DuPont, FORD, GM, Auto plants and industrial electrical construction/engineering companies. These programs have mandatory man-hours and are equal to a Associate degree in Electrical Engineering. Credits do transfer over. Along with school and working a mandatory 2000 hours a year not much time for playing. By the way the amount you learn is very broad reaching all the construction fields.ย  And after graduation we are required to attend many more schools throughout our career. Electrical field is the only trade where you must either keep up with new technology or get out of the way.

This small amount of information should show people why they should be very cautious attempting doing their own electrical work. It is much more dangerous than one can realize and its nothing like other trades as some compare it.

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  • Some thoughts….not to take seriously.
    • To save money do a partial rewire, let inspectors see what we point him to then hide the remaining?
    • Just added couple of 3-wire circuits? not 100% fix?
    • After inspection, fix what the inspection report failed?
    • Can I use the neutral for the ground? Someone told me I could do it to save money.

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