Two 20amp Home Solar circuit grid system

How to buy a small 12 volt home solar array.

  1. Buy your solar panels. You can re-wire adding as many as you want later. Make sure you remember you are buying for a 12 volt system as this is the easiest or more understandable to get working. Most panels can connect to serve a 12V grid (when using 1 panel), 24V grid (when using 2 or more panels), 48 volt grid system when connecting 4 or more panels.
  2. Buy your combiner. this connects or combines your wires from your solar panel array. This is also where you will terminate the wires arranging them to serve 12 or 24 or 48 volts to your solar grid power inverter.
  3. Buy a multi-volt power inverter. This is the device like your car charger but it inverts DC to AC, it will serve as a charger also (for your solor battery(s) and a supply for your load.
  4. Buy a battery system. These can be wired to connect a 12V, 24V or 48V solar grid used as backup power. This should be connected by an NAPCEP trained Master Electrician who understand the complete system.
  5. Buy a controller. This is very important, this will regulate the charging and output of the battery’s and will maximize the system output. This can be bought as one unit with many of todays controller/inverters

Solar energy panels absorb the heat from sun and use it for heating water and heating your home or business. If you store solar heat for use later, the storage device releases the heat in small quantities when required.

Solar energy can also generate solar power electricity. The light energy captured by the solar panel is stored in batteries, which is then be used for generating electricity. Aside from the costs involved when they are installed, the power costs savings are ongoing. In such a way, solar electrical systems pay for themselves in a short amount of time.

And it is good for the planet since it doesn’t add to carbon emissions or pollution. An idea that keeps getting better—and cheaper A combination of solar panels and a solar heating energy storage units offer an inexpensive and reliable way to meet all or most of your energy requirements.

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  1. ok so i have a main box the is full so i can not add a 20a breaker but i do have a sub panel that has a open spot the sub has one 20a, one 2pole 20a, and one 2pole 15a all this runs is the pool lights and stuff for the pool but my problem is that they are type z breakers and cost vary much more then your sqaure d type breakers i looked it up and i can buy the 20a breaker i need for the box for 65$ i also looked up what it would cost to upgrade the sub to sqarue d type box and in will cost me around 55$ the 10$ savings i dont care about and the work it will take to change the box i dont care about eather but i wanted to know what you think would be the best i realy dont want to have to spend 65$ if a breaker ever goes out and i have to replace one later on and who knows maybe some day i might add something again so do you think i should just change the box or buy just the 20a breaker i need

  2. Dear Sir I am working on a 3 fl commercial office bldg. and would like to understand the formula for determining the Max number of lites i can install of a 3phase 277 vac /20 amp Breaker /12-2 MC / Each lite pulls .044 amps ?


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