How to install Basement GFCI Receptacle circuit


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The big question is do I use arc-fault-circuit-interrupterย  or ground-fault-circuit-interrupter or both?

I recommend using tamper-resistant because basements are places where the unusual happens. It never fails where someone is messing around with something and something breaks or someone gets shocked. At some point along the way a shock will happen. The chances of changes occurring in homes with basements has risen tremendously because of the awareness of this important functionality to the public. Also because of the high use of low voltage systems grounding has become a much larger issue. Most grounding issues can be taken care of with less extensive amount of work in a house. But a commercial building could get very expensive. So know what your grounding system is doing.

The factories are busy playing with the many combinations needed to satisfy the N.E.C. The electrical supply houses are the best source to get what you need.

Helpful Identifier stamps: TR (tamper-resistant), WR (weather-resistant) will be stamped on the outlet itself. AFCI receptacles do not have these identifiers as of today. I recommend using GFCI outlets w/TR and WR and using AFCI breakers to protect entire circuit.

N.E.C. requires GFCI and AFCI in some instances now. I recommend using both in basements.

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