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      • I did an outside wiring project (my 1st main wiring job) – double receptacle, light & switch, & a 20 A breaker in a new slot (12-2 wire)….I now have power to the receptacles, (one being a 20 A gfi..1st one)
        so its ok up to there…thank goodness (as I isolated it…I don’t know how to use a tester)
        now as soon as I turned the breaker on (switch now connected) light would come on (always on) regardless if switch was on or off…then I would flip the toggle switch & breaker would trip?!
        I inst a new .99 switch & now it just trips right away I cant even get the breaker on

        I just spent $2000 on electrician to do hot tub & a few other things….can’t afford him again ($85/hr!)


  1. hey I did an 20 A outside (double) GFCI receptacle & light switch & threw it on a new breaker (20 A)
    it keeps tripping…its one circuit, but do I break tab off? or could it be the receptacle is faulty (or mb I blew it initially when I wired it wrong?
    do they, could they blow?
    its so simple, yet I cant find the cause

    • What are you calling a double, the GFCI or the breaker? And there is no need to break off any tabs that I see. And yes the GFCI could be bad and any breaker can trip at any time if wiring is not right or tampered with but this will not completely blow out a breaker very easily.

      • when hooked up, light comes on (always) hot (doesn’t matter if switch is on or off) then as soon as I flick the switch, it trips

        its a double receptacle
        No, not the breaker (its a new one also) but I’m wondering if its the receptacle itself? I’ll try a new one (Im not sure how to test it)
        so ya, if its a single circuit so u don’t have to break the tab off (that’s only for split circuits I guess)
        I believe the wiring is all right, black to copper screw & white to silver screw grounded…electrician had a 3 wire there so I capped off the red wire (& used 2 wire – 12/2)
        wired to the panel, black wire to 20A breaker, white to neutral bus, gnd to grnd bus, then wired to GFCI receptacle, into “line” & wires then out to load, all r pigtailed, then to switch, then to light

        thnx, DW

        • It sounds like you have either replaced a standard 110v receptacle or GFCI with a new 110v GFCI. And I am assuming you used the original 3-wire and just capped off the red when you changed out to the new GFCI, correct? Did you notice where the red was connected originally BEFORE YOU REMOVED ANY DEVICE?

          iF YOU DID NOT NOTICE most likely the existing third red wire was used to switch half of the original 110v receptacle for lighting purposes, like lamps. And this red wire most likely ran from the old receptacle or new GFCI to the switch, check to make sure and if I am wrong let em know. I will assume you have not added any wiring, just replaced GFCI device, correct?

          And yes the silver screw is for the neutral and brass for the hot. Do you have the ground connected to GFCI?

          • thnx so much for ur help!
            this is all new wiring!
            & yes, everything is grounded
            the electrician just put this wiring in (buried underground ) to the back of the house when he did the hot tub (but it wasn’t hooked up…only the white to the neutral bus bar & left in a junction box outside)
            Idk why he used 3 wire…I think he said he got a deal on it
            I just want to know why its tripping
            I remember I did get a superficial nick on the wire when I struck it with a shovel accidently (I had to dig 24″, not the 18″!)

          • That will do it and if that is so you will have to dig it back up and put a underground splice kit. You never answered my questions in my last answer so I will just say you found the problem unless you get back to me. Thanks

    • Hello, so I do have pwr to the receptacles…that’s fine (outdoor wiring, light & switch)
      its after that when it goes awry
      It used to come on (light) on the on or off switch, then I would switch the toggle switch & it (breaker) would trip…now it wont (breaker) come on it just trips immediately…cant even get it on
      I got a new .99 switch…still the same
      so simple…why wont it work?


    • Hello sparky, I do have power to the receptacles (fine up to there), but after that it tripped as soon as I turned the switch on (light would come on & even if it (switch) was on or off, light came on when I turned breaker on)
      then I would flick switch & it would trip
      (if u remember, this was an outdoor wiring job, with receptacle, light & switch)
      now, I tried a new cheapo .99 switch (thinking the switch was bad) & it wont even turn on (breaker)

      help, so frustrating!

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